• Am Robin JDB

    Early Departure

    Welcome to the Nature Notebook. Summer is in full swing, but for some songbirds it’s time to slip away to warmer places. Many of our songbirds returned to Pennsylvania from their wintering grounds in April and May. With little ado, they started courting and breeding, raising one, two and sometimes, three broods. That is all […]

  • sandpiper

    Surprise Visitors

    Welcome to the Nature Notebook. Pennsylvania is not known for its shorebird population. These birds of beaches, mudflats and saltwater marshes frequent locations along the eastern shore during the summer months. But now these birds are on the move. Shorebirds from farther north begin their southward trek early. Some visit our state. Although many stop […]

  • Beaver

    Engineering Experience

    Welcome to the Nature Notebook. Experience is important in securing any new position. This is certainly the way with beavers. Young beavers live with their parents until they are about two years old before going out on their own. During that time they share in food gathering, grooming, maintaining dams and winter food storage. By […]

  • sweat bee

    Salt Lick

    Welcome to the Nature Notebook. Spend much time outside on a sultry summer day and you might discover a hitchhiker on your exposed skin. It is most likely a common eastern sweat bee. These tiny bees, as their name implies, are attracted to the salt in human perspiration. This salt is a delicacy to these […]

  • katydid

    Did she?

    Welcome to the Nature Notebook. Imagine looking like a leaf with oval, green wings, ears on your front legs and singing by rubbing your front wings together. That description fits true katydids, relatives of grasshoppers and crickets that spend most of their time in trees, shrubs or fields. They are usually heard but not seen. […]


All of PPL’s environmental preserves share a common goal: Demonstrate PPL Corporation’s commitment to communities and the environment through stewardship of natural resources, environmental education efforts and operation of quality recreation areas. Collectively, our preserves offer a tremendous opportunity to showcase PPL’s core value of corporate citizenship. Part of the responsibility PPL has in operating power plants is to be a good neighbor in the communities where they are located. Reputation has significant value to PPL and being a good corporate neighbor protects and enhances PPL’s reputation in these communities and beyond. With over 15,000 individuals attending programs at PPL Preserves and another 1 million plus visitors to our Preserves, our impact is significant. Surveys of program participants and teachers continually recognize PPL and preserve staff for their knowledge, creditability, and dedication to environmental resources and education.

The morning group viewing an eagle from the bus.


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