• Crow flock

    Feathered Flocks

    Welcome to the Nature Notebook. The old saying, “birds of a feather flock together” is particularly true for blackbirds as summer begins to wind down. Many birds migrate in flocks, but blackbirds—red-winged blackbirds, common grackles, brown-headed cowbirds and European starlings — are notorious for gathering in large pre-migration flocks that number in the hundreds to […]

  • fall lake

    Marking Time

    Welcome to the Nature Notebook. In its annual journey around the Sun, our Earth passes notable landmarks. Tomorrow is one of those when the plane of Earth’s equator passes the center of the Sun. At that instant, the tilt of Earth’s axis is neither away nor toward the Sun. The Sun will be exactly overhead […]

  • glow worm

    Morning Glow

    Welcome to the Nature Notebook. Early mornings before sunrise when the dew is thick, brings eerie glowing lights to the edges of fields, roads or lawns. Look more closely and you will find “glow worms.” Actually, they are not worms at all but the larval stage of a particular beetle. We know the adults as […]

  • mountain-laurel-1

    24th Annual Evening for Northeast Pennsylvania’s Environment

    Please join us for the “24th Annual Evening for Northeast Pennsylvania’s Environment” NORTHEAST PENNSYLVANIA ENVIRONMENTAL PARTNERS ANNOUNCE DINNER SPEAKER, MASTER OF CEREMONIES AND AWARD RECIPIENTS The Northeast Environmental Partners (Northeastern Pennsylvania Alliance, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Pennsylvania Environmental Council’s Northeast Office, PPL Corporation, Procter & Gamble Paper […]

  • MONARC~2

    Monarch Migration

    Welcome to the Nature Notebook. Monarch butterflies are one of the few insects that migrate long distances to escape winter weather. When late summer and early autumn Monarchs emerge as adults, they are programmed to begin a 3,000-mile journey south. These typically solitary butterflies often cluster at night on their southward journey. A large flock […]


All of PPL’s environmental preserves share a common goal: Demonstrate PPL Corporation’s commitment to communities and the environment through stewardship of natural resources, environmental education efforts and operation of quality recreation areas. Collectively, our preserves offer a tremendous opportunity to showcase PPL’s core value of corporate citizenship. Part of the responsibility PPL has in operating power plants is to be a good neighbor in the communities where they are located. Reputation has significant value to PPL and being a good corporate neighbor protects and enhances PPL’s reputation in these communities and beyond. With over 15,000 individuals attending programs at PPL Preserves and another 1 million plus visitors to our Preserves, our impact is significant. Surveys of program participants and teachers continually recognize PPL and preserve staff for their knowledge, creditability, and dedication to environmental resources and education.

The morning group viewing an eagle from the bus.


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