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  • Visit the PPL Montour power plant website.

Situated in a broad valley in the Appalachian foothills of north central Pennsylvania, Montour Environmental Preserve is surrounded by two long, rolling ridges — Montour Ridge to the south and Muncy Hills to the north. PPL chose this low-lying valley, with its favorable environmental and economic conditions, as the site for the Montour power plant. Built in 1972, the coal-fired power plant is located three miles south of the preserve near Washingtonville.

In the center of the preserve is 165-acre Lake Chillisquaque, developed to provide a backup reservoir of cooling water for the power plant. The preserve now offers a variety of educational and recreational opportunities, including hiking, nature observation and photography, birding, boating and fishing, as well as hunting nearby.

The preserve is located in Montour County four miles northeast of Washingtonville, Pa., and is accessible from Route 54.

Hours of Operation

The Visitors Center is open daily 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Memorial Day through Labor Day including holidays. During the rest of year, weekend and holiday hours vary with public programming.

Hiking trails and picnic areas are open sunrise to sunset daily.

For questions about the preserve’s facilities, call 570-437-3131 or send an e-mail to

Rules & Regulations

Because many people visit and enjoy Montour Preserve throughout the year, we ask your help in keeping the preserve a safe and beautiful natural and recreational area. For your safety and the protection of natural resources, we ask that you adhere to the following rules:

  • Leave all pets at home.
  • Keep horses, bicycles, snowmobiles and other off-road vehicles on paved surfaces only.
  • Do not swim in the lake, ponds or streams.
  • Alcoholic beverages, narcotics and firearms are prohibited.
  • Boating in the lake is closed from March 15 through April 30 (state law).
  • Boating in Goose Cove refuge area is prohibited at all times (state law).
  • Gasoline motors are not allowed (state law). Electric motors are permitted.
  • Obtain a permit from the preserve office before entering the wildlife refuge.
  • Park only in designated areas.
  • Fish only in Lake Chillisquaque and not in the preserve ponds.
  • Vacate picnic areas and hiking trails by sunset.
  • Respect the natural resources by not collecting, hunting or trapping within the preserve.
  • Have no open fires (except in charcoal grills or gas stoves).
  • Keep radios or tape players at a level so as not to disturb other visitors.
  • Do not camp within the preserve.

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